Basic Computer MCQ’s 03

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Basic Computer MCQ’s (PART 03)

61. Microsoft Excel is
(A) financial planning package
(B) electronic spreadsheet
(C) graphics package
(D) data-base management package

62. All the keys on the IBM PC keyboard repeat as long as one holds them down. These keys are known as
(A) typematic keys
(B) functional keys
(C) automatic keys
(D) alphabetic keys

63. Distributed data processing configuration where all activities passes through a centrally located computer is
(A) ring network
(B) spider network
(C) hierarchical network
(D) data control network

64. Communications device, combines transmissions from several devices into on line is
(A) concentrator
(B) modifier
(C) multiplexer
(D) full-duplex line

65. Data communications involving telegraph lines uses
(A) simplex lines
(B) wideband channels
(C) narrowband channels
(D) dialed service

66. An advantage of the laser printer respect to impact printer is
(A) it is quieter/ faster
(B) output is of a high quality
(C) support wide range of type fonts
(D) all the above

67. Data entry can be performed with all of the following except
(C) Voice-recognition systems

68. Magnetic tape can serve as
(A) input media
(B) output media
(C) secondary-storage media
(D) all the above

69. The advantages of COM are its_____and__.
(A) compact size; readability
(B) compact size; speed
(C) readability; speed
(D) compact size; low cost

70. Elementary data item are
(A) data item which is not broken down into smaller units
(B) data item that can be broken down into smaller units
(C) data item which is not decomposed into smaller units
(D) none of these

71. A semiconductor memory which allows the eraser of the information stared in it so that new information can be stared in it is referred as
(D) None of these

72. Extended ASCII uses
(A) 8 bits for coding
(B) 9 bits for coding
(C) 10 bits for coding
(D) 11 bits for coding

73. A device used for transmission of images scanned at a transmitting point and duplicated at a receiving point is
(A) Facsimile (FAX)
(B) Telephone
(C) Photocopier
(D) None of these

74. A data transmission medium made of tiny threads of glass or plastic that can transmit huge amount of information at the speed of light is
(A) Fiber optic cable
(B) Copper cable
(C) Twisted wire cable
(D) None of these

75. A method of using a communication channel in which signals can be transmitted between a source and a destination in both directions simultaneously is called
(A) Full duplex
(B) Half duplex
(C) Quarter duplex
(D) None of these

76. A sequential electronic circuit which can be placed in one out of two stable states where each state may be used to represent a binary digit is stated as
(A) Integrated circuit
(B) Firmware
(C) Flip-flop
(D) None of these

77. A sequence of instruction (software) that is substituted for hardware and stored in readonly memory (ROM) is called
(A) Integrated circuit
(B) Firmware
(C) Flip-flop
(D) None of these

78. Anonymous FTP is the
(A) Internet file transfer protocol
(B) Protocol that requires password
(C) None access files
(D) None of these

79. EFF sites allows anonymous FTP that
(A) Do not require a password or access
(B) Requires password or access
(C) Is a none access file
(D) None of these

80. ANSI is
(A) American National Standards Institute
(B) A USA based national organization that establishes uniform standards in several fields of computers.
(C) Both A & B are true
(D) None is true

81. APL is
(A) A high level language for specifying complex algorithms.
(B) A real-time language primarily for scientific applications.
(C) Only A is true
(D) Both A & B are true

82. The overall design, construction, organization and interconnecting of the various components of a computer system is referred as
(A) Computer Architecture
(B) Computer Flow chart
(C) Computer Algorithm
(D) None of these

83. Asynchronous communication is
(A) Communication between independently operating units
(B) Communication between dependent operating units
(C) Communication between independent and dependent operating units
(D) None of these

84. Audio response is
(A) output medium
(B) produces verbal responses from the computer system
(C) Both A & B true
(D) None is true

85. Automated Office refers to the merger of ___________ in an office environment.
(A) Computers
(B) office
(C) telecommunications
(D) All the above

86. Auxiliary storage is
(A) Secondary storage
(B) Primary storage
(C) Processing device
(D) None of these

87. Archive is
(A) Backup storage
(B) Forward operation
(C) Primary storage
(D) None of these

88. A branch of computer science that deals with computers that possess reasoning, learning and thinking capabilities that resemble those of human beings is recognized as?
(A) Software engineering
(B) Artificial intelligence
(C) Hardware engineering
(D) None of these

89. ASCII is
(A) A standard coding system for computers
(B) Hardware device
(C) Software
(D) None of these

90. Following is true for Bandwidth
(A) The wider the bandwidth of a communications system the more data it can transmit in a given period of time.
(B) The narrow the bandwidth of a communications system the more data it can transmit in a given period of time.
(C) The wider the bandwidth of a communications system the less data it can transmit in a given period of time.
(D) None is true