Basic Computer MCQ’s 05

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Basic Computer MCQ’s PART-05

122. Following is true for the digital computer
(A) Information is in form of a string of binary digits
(B) It can be used as analog processor
(C) It is less accurate than the analog computer
(D) None of these.

123. Comparing with secondary storage, primary storage is
(A) slow and inexpensive
(B) fast and inexpensive
(C) fast and expensive
(D) slow and expensive

124. CPU performs read/write operations at any point in time in

125. Following is not the from of secondary storage
(A) Magnetic tape
(B) CD’s
(C) Disk
(D) Hard disk

126. Technique of placing software/programs in a ROM semiconductor chip is called
(C) firm ware
(D) microprocessor

127. Following is not true for magnetic tape
(A) low cost
(B) direct-access storage medium
(C) compact and portable
(D) highly reliable

128. The following is an nonvolatile memory

129. The ________ can be programmed one time by either the manufacturer or the computer user. Once programmed, it cannot be modified.

130. Which of the following is not true of a magnetic disk?
(A) Users can update records by writing over the old data
(B) It provides sequential access to storeddata
(C) It is slow relative to magnetic tape
(D) All of the above are true

131. Which of the following was (were) not used in first-generation computers?
(A) vacuum tubes
(B) punch cards
(C) magnetic core
(D) all of the above

132. Following is not true for Backup files
(A) These are the files which are generated automatically in when one saves a document.
(B) These files help in protecting the document due to out of order of the computer or power failure.
(C) These files delete as soon as computer is turned off
(D) None of these

133. An algebra that deals with logical propositions which are either true or false is referred as
(A) Boolean algebra
(B) Modern Algebra
(C) Abstract Algebra
(D) None of these

134. Bandwidth is
(A) The range of frequencies available for data transmission
(B) Data transmission rate
(C) Alternate for rubber band
(D) None is true

135. A coding structure in which characters are represented by means of a series of parallel bars is
(A) Bar Code
(B) Menu bar
(C) Numeric bar
(D) None of these

136. In Broadband system a network system
(A) Several analog signals share the same physical network channel.
(B) Only digital signals share the same physical network channel.
(C) Single analog signals share the same physical network channel.
(D) None of these.

137. Bit stands for
(A) binary digit
(B) one binary piece of information
(C) Both A and B are true
(D) None is true

138. Broadband channel is the
(A) The fastest carriers where data transfer rates is of 1 million baud (bits/secon(D) or more.
(B) The slower carriers where data transfer rates is of 56k baud
(C) Musical channel
(D) None of these

139. BLOB is
(A) Binary Large Object
(B) A long bit string representing complex data
(C) Object oriented language
(D) Only A & B are true

140. A group of related items / section of program coding treated as a unit is referred as
(A) Block
(B) Duplex
(C) Street
(D) None of these

141. An operation in which data is moved to a different location is referred as
(A) Block move
(B) Street move
(C) Delete
(D) None of these

142. The following is responsible for number of logical records in a physical record
(A) Blocking factor
(B) Block
(C) Boolean algebra
(D) None of these

143. Boolean variable assumes
(A) Values that are true only
(B) Values that are false only
(C) Values that are either true or false
(D) None of these

144. Bubble Memory is
(A) nonvolatile
(B) volatile
(C) permanent
(D) None of these

145. In Nonvolatile memory device
(A) Data contained in them is not lost when the power turned off
(B) Data contained in them is lost when the power turned off.
(C) data contained in them is permanent and not be rewrite
(D) None of these

146. Following is true for Bubble Memory
(A) A compact data storage device made of thin wafers of garnet (a semiconductor material) in a magnetic field.
(B) Nonvolatile memory
(C) Data contained in them is not lost when the power turned off
(D) All are true

147. Buffer is device/ storage area
(A) Where data are temporarily stored
(B) Where data is permanently stored
(C) Where data error occurs
(D) None of these

148. A network geometric arrangement in which a single connecting line is shared by a number of nodes is called
(A) Car Topology
(B) Bus Topology
(C) Truck Topology
(D) None of these

149. An error in a computer program is referred as
(A) Bug
(B) Bit
(C) Virus
(D) None of these

150. Circuits that provide a communication path between two or more devices of a digital computer system is
(A) Car
(B) Bus
(C) Truck
(D) None of these