Basic Computer MCQ’s 06

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Basic Computer MCQ’s PART-06

151. A fixed number of adjacent bits that represent a particular character or symbol are referred as
(A) Byte
(B) Octal
(C) Bubble
(D) None of these

152. Cache memory is a
(A) Small buffer storage
(B) Permanent storage
(C) Main memory
(D) None of these

153. The total number of digits (symbols) available to represent numbers in a positional number system is referred as
(A) Number system
(B) Base
(C) Power
(D) None of these

154. Cache memory is
(A) Smaller and faster than main storage
(B) Bigger and slower then main storage
(C) Smaller but slower than main memory
(D) Bigger and faster than main memory

155. Cache memory
(A) Is a Static RAM
(B) Increases the speed of processing by making current programs and data available to the CPU at a rapid rate
(C) Both A & B are true
(D) Both A & B are false

156. Following is false for BASIC
(A) Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
(B) High-level interactive programming language
(C) Works in timesharing environment
(D) Low level object oriented language

157. A unit for measuring data transmission speed that describes the capacity of a carrier is referred as
(A) Baud
(B) Bit
(C) Bond
(D) Batch

158. A process of trying out a new product by independent users before it is finally manufactured/ developed
(A) Alpha test
(B) Beta Test
(C) Gamma test
(D) None of these

159. A selection, choice, or condition involving two possibilities is referred as
(A) Unary
(B) Binary
(C) Octal
(D) None of these

160. Base band System is
(A) A networking system
(B) Where the channel support. a single digital signal.
(C) Both A & B are true
(D) None is true

161. One of the early coding systems, based on the idea of converting each digit of a decimal number into its binary equivalent rather than converting the entire decimal value into a pure binary form is
(A) ASCII code
(C) ASCIl-8
(D) None of these

162. In Batch processing
(A) Several computer programs runs one after another without human interaction to run each program individually.
(B) Several computer programs runs one after another with human interaction to run each program individually
(C) Selected computer programs runs one after another with human interaction to run each program individually
(D) None is true

163. BISYNC is
(A) Binary synchronous
(B) A process of transmitting data
(C) A half-duplex, character-oriented, synchronous data communications transmission method
(D) All the above

164. A device that is used to transmit data from one location to another is referred as
(A) Storage
(B) Memory
(C) Carrier
(D) None of these

165. Programs developed by an outside supplier and provided to the user in a machine readable form is known as
(A) Canned Programs
(B) Beta program
(C) Alpha program
(D) None of these

166. A binary numbers are represented by
(A) Digits 0 and 1
(B) Digits 0,1,….,8
(C) Digits A,B, C,…
(D) None of these

167. BIOS is responsible for
(A) handling the particulars of input/output operations
(B) output operations
(C) input operations
(D) None of these

168. BIOS is an abbreviation for
(A) Binary Input/Binary Output
(B) Binary synchronous
(C) Binary digit
(D) None of these

169. BISYNC is an abbreviation for
(A) Binary Input/Binary Output
(B) Binary synchronous
(C) Binary digit
(D) None of these

170. The overall design, construction, organization and interconnecting of the various components of a computer system is referred as
(A) Computer Architecture
(B) Computer Flow chart
(C) Computer Algorithm
(D) None of these

171. A number system with a base of two is referred as
(A) Unary number system
(B) Binary number system
(C) Octal number system
(D) None of these

172. In the IBM PC’s, the CPU, the device drives, memory, expansion slots and active components are mounted on a single board referred as
(A) Motherboard
(B) Breadboard
(C) Daughter board
(D) Father board.

173. Instead of buying new computer, productivity of old one can be economically enhanced with the help of?
(A) Motherboard
(B) Breadboard
(C) Daughter board
(D) Grandmother board

174. Following communications lines, best suites to interactive processing applications
(A) narrowband channels
(B) simplex lines
(C) full-duplex lines
(D) mixed-band channels

175. Advantage of a multiprogramming system is
(A) simultaneous execution of program instructions from two applications
(B) concurrent processing of two or more programs
(C) single processing at a time
(D) none of these