Beams and Loads MCQ question and answers

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Beams and Loads MCQ question and answers

1. _______ is a horizontal structural member subjected to transverse loads perpendicular to its axis.
a) Strut
b) Column
c) Beam
d) Truss
Answer: c

2. Example for cantilever beam is ______
a) Portico slabs
b) Roof slab
c) Bridges
d) Railway sleepers
Answer: a

3. The diagram depicts _______ kind of beam.
a) Cantilever
b) Continuous
c) Over hanging
d) Propped cantilever
Answer: d

4. Fixed beam is also known as __________
a) Encastered beam
b) Built on beam
c) Rigid beam
d) Tye beam
Answer: a

5. U.D.L stands for?
a) Uniformly diluted length
b) Uniformly developed loads
c) Uniaxial distributed load
d) Uniformly distributed loads
Answer: d

6. Given below diagram is ______ load.
a) Uniformly distributed load
b) Uniformly varying load
c) Uniformly decess load
d) Point load
Answer: b

7. Moving train is an example of ____ load.
a) Point load
b) Cantered load
c) Rolling load
d) Uniformly varying load
Answer: c

8. Continuous beams are _________
a) Statically determinate beams
b) Statically indeterminate beams
c) Statically gravity beams
d) Framed beams
Answer: b

9. A beam which extends beyond it supports can be termed as __________
a) Over hang beam
b) Over span beam
c) Isolated beams
d) Tee beams
Answer: a

10. Units of U.D.L?
a) KN/m
b) KN-m
c) KN-m×m
d) KN
Answer: a