(Biology) General Science Question Part 01

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(Biology) General Science Question(PART01) Free PDF Download

Q1. Alcoholic drink contains .
Ans -: Ethyl Alcohol

Q2. Glucose in stored in the form of by Animals.
Ans -: Glycogen

Q3. Ascariasis is caused by .
Ans -: Round Worm

Q4. BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) gives immunity from .
Ans -: Tuberculosis

Q5. Blood groups was discovered by –
Ans -: Karl Landsteiner

Q6. The first successful heart transplant in India was performed by –
Ans -: Dr. Panangipalli Venugopal

Q7. The oral polio vaccine was discovered by –
Ans -: Jonas Salk

Q8. Companion cells are unique to .
Ans -: Angiosperms

Q9. DNA stands for .
Ans -: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Q10. Dog bite can cause rabies. Bite of which other animal can also cause rabies?
Ans -: Bat

Q11. Endocrine glands are also known as .
Ans -: Ductless Glands

Q12. The Small Pox vaccine was discovered by –
Ans -: Edward Jenner

Q13. Deficiency of iodine leads to .
Ans -: Enlargement of Thyroid Gland

Q14. First vaccine produced by bio-technology was used against which virus?
Ans -: Hepatitis-B

Q15. Turmeric is obtained from of a Plant.
Ans -: Stem

Q16. Genes are made by .
Ans -: Polynucleotides

Q17. Haematopoiesis occurs in .
Ans -: Bone marrow

Q18. Leprosy is also known as .
Ans -: Hansen’s Disease

Q19. A human skull has number of bones.
Ans -: 22 Bones

Q20. Deposition of which acid in the muscles leads to a feeling of fatigue in Humans?
Ans -: Lactic Acid

Q21. RBC’s count in the blood is increased when a personis having .
Ans: Polycythaemia

Q22. Where are the Lachrymal glands situated in the human body?
Ans: Eye Orbit

Q23. The red, blue and purple colours seen in plants is becauseof the pigment.
Ans: Anthocyanin

Q24. Which part of the human brain controls Motor skills of the body?
Ans: Frontal Lobes

Q25. What is the name the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood .
Ans: Insulin