(Biology) General Science Question Part 04

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Q76. Which gland disappears during old age?
Ans: Thymus

Q77. The insect responsible for the spread of Kala-azar is –
Ans: Sand Fly

Q78. is known as the strongest natural fibre.
Ans: Silk

Q79. Which is known as graveyard of RBC’s ?
Ans: Spleen

Q80. The gland known as master gland in human body is the .
Ans: Pituitary gland

Q81. The process of cell division is known as –
Ans: Mitosis

Q82. Which part of the Plant body acts as the carrier of food and other substances to all its parts?
Ans: Phloem

Q83. Which is the sweetest sugar?
Ans: Fructose

Q84. The hearing function is associated with which part of the Human Brain?
Ans: Temporal Lobe

Q85. Which major chemical compound is found in human kidney stones?
Ans: Calcium oxalate

Q86. Which metal is present in Insulin?
Ans: Zinc

Q87. Thirst, hunger and sleep are controlled by which part of the brain?
Ans: Hypothalamus

Q88. Alcohol affects which part of human brain?
Ans: Cerebellum

Q89. Which part of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?
Ans: Medulla Oblongata

Q90. Which part of the Human Eye changes it size based on the amount of Light?
Ans: Pupil

Q91. is the plant which yields biodiesel or biofuel.
Ans: Jatropha Curcas

Q92. The part of the human eye which regulates the quantum of light entering is –
Ans: Iris

Q93. Which salt is found in bone in largest amount?
Ans: Calcium Phosphate

Q94. What is the name of the test done to diagnose cancer?
Ans: Biopsy Test

Q95. The vitamin which is considered to be a hormone is –
Ans: Biopsy Test

Q96. Intake of which vitamin is recommended to improve blood coagulation?
Ans: Vitamin K

Q97. Who explained about the blood circulation for the first time?
Ans: William Harvey

Q98. Alexander Fleming invented.
Ans: Penicillin

Q99. Who is credited for producing first man-made Gene in a lab?
Ans: Dr. Hargobind Khurana

Q100. Xerophthalmia is a disease caused by lack of which vitamin?
Ans: Vitamin A