Cart Button test cases-Ecommerce Website Testing

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Ecommerce Website Testing

Cart Button test cases:–

  1. confirm whether the Add to Cart button is present or not on the webpage for the
  2. Make sure user-selected products should be added to the cart page.
  3. Test users can add more than one item on the cart page.
  4. Verify the quantity of the selected product is shown clearly on the cart page or not.
  5. Verify the price of the selected product is clearly shown or not on the cart page.
  6. Verify the total price if any discount is offered.
  7. Check user can apply for a discount code if offered.
  8. Verify total price in front of each product is shown on the webpage or not.
  9. Verify whether the product delivery charges are mentioned on the cart page or not.
  10. Verify whether the total number of the selected item is shown on the cart page or not.
  11. Make sure that the expected product delivery time is mentioned on the web page or not.
  12. Verify whether the user can add multiple products to the cart or not.
  13. Verify user can remove the selected product from the cart successfully or not.
  14. Verify whether the user can add the same product multiple times or not.
  15. Verify the total price of all products is shown on the page or not.
  16. Verify by adding or removing the same or new product whether the new prices should be updated on the cart page or not.