(Chemistry) General Science Question Part 01

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Q1) What is used in nuclear reactor as a moderator. It is also known as Heavy Water?
Ans -: Deuterium Oxide (D2O)

Q2) Which Metal is in liquid state at room temperature?
Ans -: Gallium

Q3) elements are non-metal.
Ans -: Electro-negative

Q4) What is known as Artificial Silk.
Ans -: Rayon

Q5) Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is also known as –
Ans -: Laughing Gas

Q6) Which compound is used to prepare water proof clothes?
Ans -: Calcium hydride

Q7) Which Nobel Gas is also known as ‘Stranger Gas’?
Ans -: Xenon

Q8) Which Acid is know as ‘Oil of Vitriol’?
Ans -: Sulphuric acid

Q9) For making of parachute, which polymeric substance used?
Ans -: Viscose

Q10) Acid rain is caused when the air is polluted by Gases.
Ans -: Nitrous Oxide & Sulphur dioxide

Q11) All noble gases are & .
Ans -: Colourless and Odourless

Q12) is used as a Water Purifier.
Ans -: Alum

Q13) Aluminium is extracted from which ore?
Ans -: Bauxite

Q14) The Process is used to synthesized Ammonia (NH3)?
Ans -: Haber’s Process

Q15) Which compound/acid commonly known as Aspirin?
Ans -: Acetylsalicylic Acid

Q16) gas used to fill Balloons.
Ans -: Helium

Q17) is also known as Baryta Water?
Ans -: Barium Hydroxide

Q18) Best sources for Vitamin D are –
Ans -: Sunlight & Fish liver

Q19) Which gas is the chief component of Bio-gas?
Ans -: Methane

Q20) is the purest form of Carbon found in Nature.
Ans -: Diamond

Q21) The Chemical name of ‘Washing Soda’ is –
Ans -: Sodium Carbonate

Q22) What is the Chemical name of Chromic Acid?
Ans -: Chromium trioxide

Q23) Chemical name of Picric Acid is –
Ans -: Tri Nitro Phenol

Q24) In Photography, which chemical used as a fixer.
Ans -: Sodium thiosulphate

Q25) What are used to control the chain reaction in a nuclear reactor?
Ans -: Cadmium rods