(Chemistry) General Science Question Part 02

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Q26) In sunlight, Chloroform is converted into , a poisonous gas.
Ans -: Phosgene

Q27) Which Vitamin contains Cobalt?
Ans -: Vitamin B12

Q28) is one of the most common preservatives used in food processing industry?
Ans -: Benzoic Acid

Q29) Which compounds are responsible for permanent hardness of water?
Ans -: Sulphates and Chlorides of Calcium and Magnesium

Q30) The temporary hardness of water is caused of because of which compounds?
Ans -: Bicarbonates of Calcium and Magnesium

Q31) Copper is extracted from which ore?
Ans -: Copper Pyrite

Q32) When there is , Dead organisms are transformed into petroleum and natural gas.
Ans -: Absence of air

Q33) Deuterium is of Hydrogen.
Ans -: Isotope

Q34) the weight of iron is , when it is undergoing the process of ‘rusting’.
Ans -: Increases

Q35) Efficiency of the catalyst depends on its –
Ans -: Molecular State

Q36) Egg shell is made up of .
Ans -: Calcium Carbonate

Q37) Which Vitamins are Fat Soluble?
Ans -: A, D, E & K

Q38) Which was the First organic compound synthesized in a lab and it was done by whom?
Ans -: Urea by Friedrich Wöhler

Q39) Fuse wire is made up of .
Ans -: Lead and Tin

Q40) is used to coat Galvanised Iron.
Ans -: Zinc

Q41. Which Gases are used by sea divers for under water breathing?
Ans -: Oxygen & Helium

Q42. & gases are helpful for ripening of raw fruits.
Ans -: Ethylene & Acetylene

Q43. The found in an ore is known as Gangue.
Ans -: Impurities

Q44. Iron is extracted from which ore?
Ans -: Hematite

Q45. Kerosene is a mixture of .
Ans -: Aliphatic hydrocarbons

Q46. Which Element is used for making of Lead pencil.
Ans -: Graphite

Q47. The lightest metal is .
Ans -: Lithium

Q48. is the main ore of Mercury.
Ans -: Cinnabar

Q49. Which Metal is found in the highest proportion in earth’s crust?
Ans -: Aluminium

Q50. Mine explosions are mostly caused by mixing of Air & .
Ans -: Methane