(Chemistry) General Science Question Part 03

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Q51. What is the compound used to in Nail polish remover?
Ans -: Acetone

Q52. Natural rubber is a polymer derived from .
Ans -: Isoprene

Q53. The coating on non-stick cookware is of .
Ans -: polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) – TEFLON

Q54. The Nuclear Fusion on the Sun’s surface result intoformation of Atoms.
Ans -: Helium

Q55. Organic Compounds are only soluble in .
Ans -: Non-polar solvents

Q56. is also know as “FOOL’S GOLD”.
Ans -: Iron Pyrite

Q57. In an Oxidation process happens.
Ans -: Loss of electrons

Q58. Oxides of metals are .
Ans -: Alkaline

Q59. Ozone is in nature.
Ans -: Diamagnetic

Q60. The chemical composition of paper is that of a .
Ans -: Cellulose

Q61. Paraffin wax is .
Ans -: Saturated hydrocarbon

Q62. In which type of Rocks is Petroleum (Fossil Fuel) is found?
Ans -: Sedimentary Rocks

Q63. is also called White Gold.
Ans -: Platinum

Q64. Which is the purest form of Iron?
Ans -: Wrought Iron

Q65. Which Ore is used to extract Radium?
Ans -: Pitchblende

Q66. Solder is an alloy of .
Ans -: Tin and Lead

Q67. Which Radioactive Isotope is used in Cancer treatment?
Ans -: Cobalt – 60

Q68. is the element common to all acids.
Ans -: Hydrogen

Q69. is created by Alloying Iron and Chromium.
Ans -: Stainless Steel

Q70. The lustre of a metal is due to .
Ans -: Presence of free electrons

Q71. Which Mineral element is found in chlorophyll?
Ans -: Magnesium

Q72. The most abundant element in the earth’s crust is –
Ans -: Oxygen

Q73. The term ‘catalysis’ was coined by .
Ans -: Jöns Jakob Berzelius

Q74. Which element is the primary reason for radioactivity found in human body?
Ans -: Potassium – 40

Q75. Germanium, an ultrapure metal is purified by which method?
Ans -: Zone refining