(Chemistry) General Science Question Part 04

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Q76. Tooth enamel is made up of .
Ans -: hydroxyapatite, a mineral compound of calcium and phosphate

Q77. Which gas is filled inside a Tube light?
Ans -: Mercury Vapour & Argon

Q78. is an aqueous solution of Acetic acid.
Ans -: Vinegar

Q79. Which Vitamins are Water Soluble?
Ans -: Vitamin B complex & Vitamin C

Q80. Silver turns black (Tarnish) because of itsreaction with .
Ans -: Sulphur

Q81. Melting of ice can be prevented with the use of –
Ans -: Gelatin

Q82. A Bee Sting contains which Acid?
Ans -: Methanoic Acid

Q83. An Orange contains Acid.
Ans -: Citric Acid

Q84. Etching of glass is done with the help of .
Ans -: Hydrofluoric acid (HF)

Q85. Which acid is used in soft drinks?
Ans -: Carbonic acid (H2CO3)

Q86. Silver Iodide is used as a ‘seed’ agent for making of –
Ans -: Artificial Rain

Q87. is used as a catalyst for the synthesis of Sulphuric Acid by Contact Process.
Ans -: Platinum (Pt)

Q88. Vanaspati Ghee is synthesized with the help of which catalyst?
Ans -: Nickle (Ni)

Q89. Swelling of bread takes place because of –
Ans -: Carbon dioxide

Q90. Cigarette lighters contain Gas.
Ans -: Butane

Q91. Which gas is used in fire extinguisher?
Ans -: Carbon dioxide

Q92. is termed as ‘Metal of Future’.
Ans -: Titanium

Q93. Safety matches are prepared using –
Ans -: Red Phosphorous

Q94. A Photoelectric cell contains metal.
Ans -: Selenium

Q95. Zinc Phosphide is used as?
Ans -: Rat Poison

Q96. Which is the hardest substance found in human body?
Ans -: Tooth Enamel

Q97. Ozone is an of Oxygen.
Ans -: Allotrope

Q98. Which Metal is naturally Anti-Bacterial?
Ans -: Copper

Q99. Which was the first element to be produced after Big Bang?
Ans -: Hydrogen

Q100. If you pour a handful of salt into a glass of water, the water level will .
Ans -: Go Down