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COMPUTER SYSTEM SECURITY MCQ with all answers (100% free pdf download)

Computer System Security Introduction: Introduction, What is computer security and what to
learn? , Sample Attacks, The Marketplace for vulnerabilities, Error 404 Hacking digital India
part 1 chase.
Hijacking & Defense: Control Hijacking ,More Control Hijacking attacks integer overflow
,More Control Hijacking attacks format string vulnerabilities, Defense against Control Hijacking – Platform Defenses, Defense against Control Hijacking – Run-time Defenses, Advanced
Control Hijacking attacks.

26. Which of the following describes monitoring software installed without your consent?
a. Malware
b. Adware
c. Spyware
d. Ransomware
Answer (c)

27. Which type of cyber-attack is commonly performed through emails?
a. Trojans
b. Worms
c. Ransomware
d. Phishing
Answer (d)

28. What is the price for selling Firefox or Safari browser vulnerability in the black market?
a. $60K – $100K
b. $60k – $120K
c. $60K – $150K
d. $60000 – $15000
Answer (c)

29. If you share too much information on social media, what may you by at risk of?
a. Identity Theft
b. Ransomware
c. Malware
d. Adware
Answer (a)

30. ________ framework made cracking of vulnerabilities easy like point and click.
a. .Net
b. Metasploit
c. Zeus
d. Ettercap
Answer: (b)

31. Nmap is abbreviated as____
a. Network Mapper
b. New Mappping
c. Network Manager
d. Network Mac Address
Answer: (a)

32. __________ is a popular tool used for discovering networks as well as in security auditing.
a. Ettercap
b. Metasploit
c. Nmap
d. Burp Suit
Answer: (c)

33. Which of this Nmap do not check?
a. services different hosts are offering
b. on what OS they are running
c. what kind of firewall is in use
d. what type of antivirus is in use
Answer: (d)

34. Wireshark is a ____________ tool.
a. network protocol analysis
b. network connection security
c. connection analysis
d. defending malicious packet-filtering
Answer: (a)

35. _________ is the world’s most popular vulnerability scanner used in companies for checking vulnerabilities in the network.
a. Wireshark
b. Nessus
c. Snort
d. WebInspect
Answer: (b)

36. ________ is a debugger and exploration tool.
a. Netdog
b. Netcat
c. Tcpdump
d. BackTrack
Answer: (b)

37. _______ is a popular command-line packet analyser.
a. Wireshark
b. Snort
c. Metasploit
d. Tcpdump
Answer: (d)

38. __________ is a weakness that can be exploited by attackers.
a. System with Virus
b. System with vulnerabilities
c. System without firewall
d. System with a strong password
Answer: (b)

39. __________ is the cyclic practice for identifying & classifying and then solving the vulnerabilities in a system.
a. Bug protection
b. Bug bounty
c. Vulnerability measurement
d. Vulnerability management
Answer: (d)

40. ____________ is a special type of vulnerability that doesn’t possess risk.
a. Vulnerabilities without risk
b. Vulnerabilities without attacker
c. Vulnerabilities without action
d. Vulnerabilities no one knows
Answer: Option (a)

41. ________ is a piece of software or a segment of command that usually take advantage of a bug to cause unintended actions and behaviors.
a. Malware
b. Trojan
c. Worms
d. Exploit
Answer: (d)

42. What is Probe?
a. A probe is an attempt to gain access to a computer and its files through a known or probable weak point in the computer system.
b. It is a method of checking if the computer is connected to a network.
c. A technique used to gain information about a computer system on a network and the services running on its open ports.
d. A which is used to scan network.
Answer: (a)

43. A security device which installed between two networks (internal network to outside network) for controlling the flow of traffic into and out-of network
a. Proxy Server
b. Hub
c. Firewall
d. Network Switch
Answer: (c)

44. Firewall remembers the information about the prevously passed packets
a. Stateful Firewalls
b. StateDown FireWire
c. Stateless Firewall
d. Stateful FireWire
Answer: (a)

45. ___________ is method of connecting multiple computers to the Internet using one IP address
a. DNS
b. FTP
c. NAT
Answer: (c)

46. Full Form of NAT
a. Netwrok Access Transmision
b. Network Address Translation
c. Netwrok Access Translation
d. Network Address Translation
Answer: (b)

47. Snort can be configured to run in ______ modes
a. Three
b. Four
c. Five
d. Two
Answer: (a)

48. One of the Snort mode is
a. Network Intrusion Deletion System (NIDS) mode
b. Network Illusion Detection System (NIDS) mode
c. Network Intrusion Destination System (NIDS) mode
d. Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) mode
Answer: (d)

49. What is IPS in network security?
a. Illusion Prevention System (IPS)
b. Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
c. Intrusion Private System (IPS)
d. Illusion Prevention Service (IPS)
Answer: (b)

50. Network layer firewall works as a________
a. Frame filter
b. Packet filter
c. Content filter
d. Virus filter
Answer: (b)

51. Network layer firewall has two subcategories as ______
a. State full firewall and stateless firewall
b. Bit oriented firewall and byte oriented firewall
c. Frame firewall and packet firewall
d. Network layer firewall and session layer firewall
Answer: (a)