Computer System Security MCQ with answers -10

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COMPUTER SYSTEM SECURITY MCQ with all answers (100% free pdf download)

Secure architecture principles isolation and leas: Access Control Concepts , Unix and
windows access control summary ,Other issues in access control ,Introduction to browser
isolation .
Web security landscape : Web security definitions goals and threat models , HTTP content
rendering .Browser isolation .Security interface , Cookies frames and frame busting, Major web
server threats ,Cross site request forgery ,Cross site scripting ,Defenses and protections against
XSS, Finding vulnerabilities ,Secure development.

26. ______ uses a typical Unix approach with a large monolithic server and is known for the high complexity and previous security vulnerabilities.
a. Sendmail
b. Qmail
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above
Answer:- a

27. In android process isolation, which process only run as root?
a. Zygote
b. Ping
c. Both A and B
d. None of the above
Answer:- c

28. Which of the following is not a level of access control on UNIX systems?
a. User
b. Administrator
c. Group
d. Other
Answer (b)

29. Which of the following permission types a UNIX file can be assigned?
a. Read
b. Write
c. Execute
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

30. Which of the following information is contained in the access tokens?
a. The security identifier (SID) for the user’s account
b. A list of the privileges held by either the user or the user’s groups
c. The SID for the primary group
d. All of the above

31. An access token that has been created to capture the security information of a client process, allowing a server to “impersonate” the client process in security operations.
a. Primary Token
b. Process Token
c. Personalized Token
d. Impersonation Token
Answer (d)

32. Which of the following is not a common password myth?
a. The best length of password is 8 characters
b. Replacing characters with numbers is good (e.g. J0hn_Sm1th)
c. Passwords can include spaces
d. None of the above
Answer (c)

33. Which of the following is one of the technically simplest processes of gaining access to any password-protected system?
a. Clickjacking
b. Brute force attack
c. Eavesdropping
d. Waterhole
Answer (b)

34. A _______________ is a process of breaking a password protected system or server by simply & automatically entering every word in a dictionary as a password.
a. Dictionary attack
b. Phishing attack
c. Social engineering attack
d. MiTM attack

35. Brute force attack is usually _________
a. fast
b. inefficient
c. slow
d. complex to understand

36. Which of the following is not an advantage of dictionary attack?
a. Very fast
b. Time-saving
c. Easy to perform
d. Very tough and inefficient

37. Which of the following is a vulnerability in web browser?
a. Cross Site Scripting
b. Implementation bugs
c. Both A and B
d. Buffer overflow

38. The _______ is an object in web browser.
a. Frames
b. DOM
c. Cookies
d. All of the above
Answer (d)

39. Which of the following is not a component of security policy?
a. Frame – Frame relationships
b. Frame – principal relationships
c. Principal – Principal relationships
d. None of the above

40. Chromium browser has the module ________ in separate protection domains
a. Rendering engine
b. Browser kernel
c. Browser process
d. Both A and B
Answer (d)

41. Which of the following is not a task assigned to browser kernel?
a. HTML parsing
b. Window management
c. Password database
d. Download manager

42. The percentage of phishing in sampling of 2015 security incidents is ______.
a. 8.9%
b. 4.9%
c. 2.9%
d. 0.9%
Answer (c)

43. Chroot jail is used to _______ process and its children by ________ to the supplied directory name.
a. isolate, changing the root directory
b. change, the name
c. execute, renaming it
d. All of the above
Answer:- (b)

44. Taliking about FreeBSD jail, which of the following is true ?
a. It can only bind to sockets with specified IP address and authorized ports
b. It can communicate with processes inside and outside of jail
c. Root is limited (example: cannot load kernel modules)
d. None of the above
Answer :-(b)

45. Which of the following is incorrect for System call interposition?
a. It tracks all the system service requests of processes.
b. Each system request can be modified or denied.
c. It is impossible to implement tools to trace, monitor, or virtualize processes.
d. None of the above.

46. Which of the following is a computer security utility which limits an application’s access to the system by enforcing access policies for system calls?
a. systrace
b. NetBSD
c. ptrace
d. None of the above
Answer:- (a)

47. One of the name of backdoor virus is _____ . once access is enabled, it may hide ___
a. Stealth, files
b. Rootkit,traces of unauthorized access
c. Hidden Key,unauthorized access
d. Worm,unauthorized access
Answer:- (b)

48. A Password cracker is a attack tool. Which of the following is also a type of attack tool?
a. Rootkit Revealer
b. Network sniffer
c. TDSSKiller
d. All of the above
Answer:- (b)

49. knark hides or unhides files or directories. It ?
a. uses system call redirection to hide its presence.
b. hides TCP or UDP connections.
c. is a loadable kernel module.
d. All of the above
Answer:- (d)

50. Which of following is true for signaturebased IDS?
a. They can esily detect known attacks.
b. They can detect new attacks for which no pattern is there.
c. They have high false positive rates.
d. All of the mentioned
Answer:- (a)