Design Test Cases-Text Area

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Test Cases For Text Area:

Design Test Cases:–

  1. Verify the width and height of the text area.
  2. Verify by moving the mouse cursor to all input text boxes. The cursor should change from an arrow to an insertion bar.
  3. Verify whether horizontal and vertical scroll bar is added or not according to requirement.
  4. Verify if the functionality for the horizontal and vertical scroll bar working properly by pasting content.
  5. Verify placeholder text aligned in the text area.
  6. Verify placeholder text visible in the text area.
  7. Verify the clear text icon is aligned with the text area.
  8. Verify place holder text should be clear and the cursor shown on click.
  9. Verify placeholder text is meaningful and informative for the user.
  10. Verify the spellings and grammar for the placeholder text.
  11. Verify the text area should be locked and fixed. Don’t let the user resize the text area.
  12. Verify if the user can add and process duplicate content.
  13. Verify tooltip added and shown if required.
  14. Verify mouse hover functionality if added.
  15. Verify the clear text icon present in the text area