Devotional Paths to the Divine Class 7 MCQs with Answers

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Devotional Paths to the Divine Class 7 MCQs Questions with Answers

Question 1. Which devotional path evolved since the 8th century?
(a) Bhakti
(b) Sufism
(c) None of these
(d) Both of these

Answer: (d) Both of these

Question 2. Which was NOT the supreme deity of Hindu worshipped during Bhakti movement?
(a) Shiva
(b) Vishnu
(c) Ganesha
(d) Durga

Answer: (c) Ganesha

Question 3. Religious biographies are called
(a) autobiography
(b) geography
(c) photography
(d) hagiography

Answer: (d) hagiography

Question 4. Ramanuja was born in which state of India?
(a) Kerala
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) None of these

Answer: (b) Tamil Nadu

Question 5. Allama Prabhu was the companion of:
(a) Ramanuja
(b) Basavanna
(c) Shankara
(d) Kabir

Answer: (b) Basavanna

Question 6. Vitthala is a form of
(a) Shiva
(b) Vishnu
(c) Krishna
(d) Ganesha

Answer: (b) Vishnu

Question 7. Who rewrote the Gita in Marathi?
(a) Saint Janeshwara
(b) Chaitanya
(c) Basavanna
(d) Virashaiva

Answer: (a) Saint Janeshwara

Question 8. Nathpanthis, Siddas and Togis made devotional religion popular in:
(a) North
(b) South
(c) East
(d) West

Answer: (a) North

Question 9. Sufis were ………. mystics.
(a) Hindu
(b) Boddh
(c) Muslim
(d) Christian

Answer: (c) Muslim

Question 10. The Sufi master held their assemblies in their
(a) temple
(b) courtyards
(c) Khanqahs
(d) none of these

Answer: (c) Khanqahs

Question 11. House of rest for travellers kept by a religious order is
(a) fable
(b) sama
(c) raqas
(d) hospice

Answer: (d) hospice

Question 12. According to Islam the day of judgement before the Allah is called
(a) Quran
(b) Haz
(c) Qayamat
(d) Jannat

Answer: (c) Qayamat

Question 13. The disciples in Sufi system were called
(a) shishya
(b) nayanars
(c) alvars
(d) murids

Answer: (d) murids

Question 14. Shariat is
(a) single minded devotion to one God
(b) month of fasting for Muslims
(c) the disciples in Sufi system
(d) Holy law made by Muslim scholars

Answer: (d) Holy law made by Muslim scholars

Question 15. The Ramacharitamanas is written in which language?
(a) Urdu
(b) Hindi
(c) Awadhi
(d) Brij

Answer: (c) Awadhi

Question 16. Kabir was brought up by the family of:
(a) Carpenters
(b) Weavers
(c) Farmers
(d) None of these

Answer: (b) Weavers

Question 17. New script introduced by Guru Nanak was termed as
(a) Dharmsal
(b) Gurmukhi
(c) Gurudwara
(d) Langar

Answer: (b) Gurmukhi

Question 18. Adi-Granth is the other name of
(a) Adi-Puran
(b) Guru Granth Sahib
(c) Koran
(d) Gita

Answer: (b) Guru Granth Sahib