History of Artificial Intelligence MCQ Q&A

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1. In LISP, the function returns the list that results after the first element is removed (the rest f the list), is __________
a) car
b) last
c) cons
d) cdr
Answer: d
Explanation: None.

2. Which of the following contains the output segments of Artificial Intelligence programming?
a) Printed language and synthesized speech
b) Manipulation of physical object
c) Locomotion
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: d
Explanation: None.

3. LISP was created by?
a) John McCarthy
b) Marvin Minsky
c) Alan Turing
d) Allen Newell and Herbert Simon
Answer: a
Explanation: None.

4. Expert Ease was developed under the direction of __________
a) John McCarthy
b) Donald Michie
c) Lofti Zadeh
d) Alan Turing
Answer: b
Explanation: None.

5. An Artificial Intelligence system developed by Terry A. Winograd to permit an interactive dialogue about a domain he called blocks-world.
Answer: a
Explanation: None.

6. MLMenu, a natural language interface for the TI Explorer, is similar to __________
a) Ethernet
b) NaturalLink
d) The Personal Consultant
Answer: b
Explanation: None.

7. Strong Artificial Intelligence is __________
a) the embodiment of human intellectual capabilities within a computer
b) a set of computer programs that produce output that would be considered to reflect intelligence if it were generated by humans
c) the study of mental faculties through the use of mental models implemented on a computer
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: a
Explanation: None.

8. The traditional way to exit and LISP system is to enter __________
a) quit
b) exit
c) bye
d) ok
Answer: b
Explanation: None.

9. In which of the following situations might a blind search be acceptable?
a) real-life situation
b) complex game
c) small search space
d) all of the mentioned
Answer: c
Explanation: None.

10. What is Artificial intelligence?
a) Putting your intelligence into Computer
b) Programming with your own intelligence
c) Making a Machine intelligent
d) Playing a Game
Answer: c
Explanation: Because AI is to make things work automatically through machine without using human effort. Machine will give the result with just giving input from human. That means the system or machine will act as per the requirement.

11. Which search method takes less memory?
a) Depth-First Search
b) Breadth-First search
c) Optimal search
d) Linear Search
Answer: a
Explanation: Depth-First Search takes less memory since only the nodes on the current path are stored, but in Breadth First Search, all of the tree that has generated must be stored.

12. A heuristic is a way of trying __________
a) To discover something or an idea embedded in a program
b) To search and measure how far a node in a search tree seems to be from a goal
c) To compare two nodes in a search tree to see if one is better than the other is
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: d
Explanation: In a heuristic approach, we discover certain idea and use heuristic functions to search for a goal and predicates to compare nodes.

13. How do you represent “All dogs have tails”?
a) ۷x: dog(x) àhastail(x)
b) ۷x: dog(x) àhastail(y)
c) ۷x: dog(y) àhastail(x)
d) ۷x: dog(x) àhasàtail(x)
Answer: a
Explanation: We represent the statement in mathematical logic taking ‘x ‘as Dog and which has tail. We cannot represent two variable x, y for the same object Dog that has tail. The symbol “۷
“represent all.

14. Which is not a property of representation of knowledge?
a) Representational Verification
b) Representational Adequacy
c) Inferential Adequacy
d) Inferential Efficiency
Answer: a
Explanation: There is nothing to go for Representational verification; the verification comes under Representational adequacy.