Hooke’s Law MCQ question and answers

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Hooke’s Law MCQ question and answers

1. The law which states that within elastic limits strain produced is proportional to the stress producing it is known as _____________
a) Bernoulli’s law
b) Hooke’s law
c) Stress law
d) Poisson’s law
Answer: b

2. For an isotropic, homogeneous and elastic material obeying Hooke’s law, the number of independent elastic constants is ____________
a) 2
b) 3
c) 9
d) 1
Answer: b

3. What is the factor of safety?
a) The ratio of stress to strain
b) The raio of permissible stress to the ultimate stress
c) The ratio of ultimate stress to the permissible stress
d) The ratio of longitudinal strain to stress
Answer: c

4. What is Hooke’s law for the 1-D system?
a) The relation between normal stress and the corresponding strain
b) The relation between shear stress and the corresponding strain
c) The relation between lateral strain and the corresponding stress
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: a

5. Limit of proportionality depends upon ____________
a) Area of cross-section
b) Type of loading
c) Type of material
d) All of the mentioned
Answer: a

6. The stress at which extension of a material takes place more quickly as compared to the increase in load is called ____________
a) Elastic point
b) Plastic point
c) Breaking point
d) Yielding point
Answer: d

7. Which of these is a non-hoookean material?
a) Steel
b) Rubber
c) Aluminium
d) Copper
Answer: b

8. Where in the stress-strain curve, the hooke’s law is valid?
a) Strain hardening region
b) Necking region
c) Elastic range
d) Valid everywhere
Answer: c

9. Highest value of stress for which Hooke’s law is applicable for a given material is called ____________
a) Stress limit
b) Strain limit
c) Proportional limit
d) Significant limit
Answer: c