Login Page Test cases-Website Testing

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Test Scenarios For Website Testing:

Login Page Test cases:–

  1. Verify the login screen will appear after clicking on a login link or login button.
  2. Verify all login-related elements and fields are present on the login page.
  3. Verify the alignment of displayed elements on the login screen should be compatible in cross browsers testing.
  4. Verify that the size, color, and UI of different elements should match the specifications.
  5. Verify that the login page of the application is responsive and aligns properly on different screen resolutions and devices.
  6. Verify login page title.
  7. After the user login page is open, the cursor should remain in the username text box by default.
  8. Verify that there is a checkbox with the label remember password on the login page.
  9. Verify the remember me checkbox should mark as checked after clicking on the label text and the check box.