Maximum Bending Moment MCQ question and answers

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Maximum Bending Moment MCQ question and answers (100% free pdf download)

1. A cantilever beam subjected to point load at its free end, the maximum bending moment develops at the ________ of the beam.
a) Free end
b) Fixed end
c) Centre
d) Point of inflection
Answer: b

2. Bending moment in a beam is maximum when the _________
a) Shear force is minimum
b) Shear force is maximum
c) Shear force is zero
d) Shear force is constant
Answer: c

3. Positive bending moment is known as _______
a) Hogging
b) Sagging
c) Ragging
d) Inflection
Answer: a

4. A simply supported beam of span “x” meters carries a udl of “w” per unit length over the entire span, the maximum bending moment occurs at _____
a) At point of contra flexure
b) Centre
c) End supports
d) Anywhere on the beam
Answer: b

5. The maximum BM is ______
a) 40 kNm
b) 50 kNm
c) 90 kNm
d) 75 kNm
Answer: c

6. Bending moment can be denoted by ____
a) K
b) M
c) N
d) F
Answer: b

7. Number of points of contra flexure for a double over hanging beam.
a) 3
b) 2
c) 4
d) Infinite
Answer: b

8. Maximum bending moment in a cantilever beam subjected to udl (w)over the entire span (l).
a) wl
b) wl3
c) wl2
d) w
Answer: c

9. Determine the maximum bending moment for the below figure.
a) wl/2
b) wl/3
c) wl/4
d) wl
Answer: c

10. What is the variation in the BM, if the simply supported beam carries a point load at the centre.
a) Triangular
b) Rectangular
c) Trapezoidal
d) Other quadrilateral
Answer: a