Maximum Shear Force MCQ question and answers 

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Maximum Shear Force MCQ question and answers

1. Which of these is the correct way of sign convention for shear force?
a) R U P
b) L U P
c) R U N
d) L D P
Answer: a

2. At hinge, the moments will be _________
a) Maximum
b) Minimum
c) Uniform
d) Zero
Answer: d

3. What is variation in SFD, if the type of loading in the simply supported beam is U.D.L is ____
a) Rectangle
b) Linear
c) Trapezoidal
d) Parabolic
Answer: b

4. The rate of change of shear force is equal to _____
a) Direction of load
b) Change in BMD
c) Intensity of loading
d) Maximum bending
Answer: c.

5. The shear force in a beam subjected to pure positive bending is _____
a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Zero
d) Cannot determine
Answer: c

6. In SFD, vertical lines are for ______
a) Point loads
b) UDL
c) UVL
d) LDP
Answer: a

7. A cantilever beam loaded with udl throughout, the maximum shear force occurs at____
a) Free end
b) Fixed end
c) At centre
d) At point of contraflexure
Answer: b

8. A simply supported beam of span 1 m carries a point load “w” in centre determine the shear force in the half left of the beam.
a) W/3
b) W/4
c) W/2
d) W
Answer: c

9. At the Point of contraflexure, what is the value of bending moment?
a) one
b) zero
c) three
d) infinity
Answer: b

10. When SF is zero, the bending moment is _____
a) Zero
b) Maximum
c) Very difficult to say
d) Minimum
Answer: b