(MCQ) Database Management System, With Answer Chapter_05

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81. A large collections of files are called
(A) Fields
(B) Records
(C) Databases
(D) File system

82. Memo field in database file is used to
(A) Store lengthy number
(B) Store images
(C) Store audio files
(D) Store long textual information

83. Applications that rely on databases are
(A) Supermarket stock control, theater bookings and payroll
(B) Accounts, online banking, PowerPoint presentations
(C) Internet shopping, robotics, computer games
(D) None of above

84. Which of the following is not a Access database object ?
(A) table
(B) form
(C) query
(D) datasheet

85. Data owners must protect their data against corruption or loss. One sensible method to achieving this is to
(A) Take regular backups
(B) Keep a hardcopy printout of all data
(C) Keep fingers crossed at all times
(D) None of above

86. Facilities offered by databases are
(A) The ability to store a large amount of data in a structured format, easy update, sort, query, production of reports
(B) Easy editing, spell check, perform calculations, library of mathematical functions, replication
(C) The ability to rotate images, copy and paste, fill scale
(D) None of above

87. Users who store data about real people for marketing purposes must register the data and its potential use with
(A) The computer misuse controller
(B) The data protection controller
(C) HM customs and excise
(D) None of above

88. When you double click a query object, you open
(A) The object in design view
(B) The object in print preview
(C) The result of the query
(D) The underlying table on which the query is based

89. Checks that are added to databases to detect unsuitable data on inpt are called
(A) validation
(B) verification
(C) vegetation
(D) none of above

90. Auto Report allows you to
(A) View a subset of your data
(B) Create a simple report
(C) Create a data entry form
(D) Enter records

91. Auto Form allows you to
(A) View a subset of your data
(B) Create a simple report
(C) Create a data entry form
(D) Enter records

92. The asterisk (*) is sometimes used in database queries. This character is then called a
(A) Wildcard
(B) Dummy
(C) Ditto
(D) All of the above

93. When performing a look-up operation using a form
(A) You enter the search value into the form
(B) You look at each form sequentially until you see the one you want
(C) You type the key in an entry line, and the correct form is displayed
(D) All of the above

94. Which custom date format displays the numeric day of the year when a date is entered?
(A) YY
(C) Y
(D) All of above

95. When you save an Access project, what file format do you use?
(A) .adp
(B) .xm.
(C) .mdb
(D) All of above

96. Which of the following criterion would find records whose personality field does not equal “Nice”?
(A) <>Nice
(B) NOT Nice
(C) <>”Nice”
(D) IS NOT Nice

97. What is the maximum character field size you can set for a field that has a text data type?
(A) 64
(B) 255
(C) 512
(D) All of above

98. Which of the following fields would not make a suitable primary key ?
(A) A date field
(B) An invoice number
(C) An autoNumber field
(D) A customer’s social security number

99. Auto reports can contain each of the following elements except
(A) A detail section
(B) A page footer
(C) A group header
(D) All of the above

100. What is the abbreviation used for a software package that permits the user to create, retrieve and maintain records in a database?

81. (B) 82. (D) 83. (A) 84. (D) 85. (A)
86. (A) 87. (B) 88. (B) 89. (A) 90. (B)
91. (B) 92. (A) 93. (D) 94. (C) 95. (A)
96. (C) 97. (B) 98. (A) 99. (D) 100. (D)