(MCQ) Database Management System, With Answer Chapter_07

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121. A group of characters used to identiry a given low level instruction is
(A) File
(B) Record
(C) Key field
(D) Label

122. One or more characters used to identify a data field in a computer program is
(A) File name
(B) Database
(C) Label
(D) Group

123. In Form view, which command displays records alphabetically?
(A) Find
(B) Advanced Filter/Sort
(C) Sort
(D) All of the above

124. Where do report and forms get their information form?
(A) Forms
(B) Modules
(C) Tables
(D) Queries

125. The number of logical records in a physical record is
(A) group
(B) blocking factor
(C) sector
(D) field

126. A top to bottom relationship among the items in a database is established by a
(A) Hierarchical schema
(B) Network Schema
(C) Relational schema
(D) All of the above

127. A command that lets you cange one or more fields in a record is
(A) Insert
(B) Modify
(C) Look up
(D) All of the above

128. A logical schema
(A) Is the entire database
(B) Is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts
(C) Describes how data is actually stored on disk
(D) All of the above

129. What is the purpose of the page field on a pivot table report?
(A) It creates a new page for each type of data
(B) It allows the data within the the Pivot Table report to be filtered
(C) It displays a title for the Pivot Table report
(D) None of the above

130. What does the Special Effect button on the formatting toolbar do?
(A) It lets you add animation to your forms and reports to make them more entertaining and amusing
(B) It lets you select a transitional effect for how a form opens and closes.
(C) It applies a 30d effect to a selected control
(D) None of these

131. Pivot Table report data must meet which of the following criteria?
(A) It must be in tabular form, have unique column labels, and each row must represent a unique piece of data
(B) Any dates should be formatted with the data format and blank rows or columns should be removed
(C) It must be in tabular form, have unique column lagels, and all rows must be sorted
(D) Both (A) and (B)

132. Customers, Orders. What’s their best relationship?
(A) Many-to-many
(B) One-to-one
(C) One-to-many
(D) All of the above

133. Which control does access use to link data access page components to access data?
(A) Microsoft Dynamic Data Control
(B) Microsoft Data Connection Control
(C) Microsoft Office Data Source Control
(D) None of the above

134. Which program do you use to edit code for data access pages?
(A) Microsoft script editor
(B) Microsoft code editor
(C) Microsoft data access pages editor
(D) None of above

135. The way a particular application views the data from the database that the applicaton uses is a
(A) Module
(B) Relational model
(C) Schema
(D) Sub-schema

136. Which of the following is a database management system?
(A) Ms-Word
(B) Lotus 1-2-3
(C) Oracle
(D) None of above

137. What is the corresponding text for the <#1/1/ 95# validation rule setting?
(A) Neter a value less or more than 1,195
(B) Value must be less than 95 characters
(C) Enter a date before 1995
(D) All of above

138. What is the name of the Visual Basic Editor utility that allows you to view the Microsoft Access type library’s available objects and members?
(A) Object Viewer
(B) Object Browser
(C) Type Library Spy
(D) None of above

139. A computer language for informing the DBMS regarding the data structure used is

140. Which of the following is not a data type ?
(A) Picture/graphic
(B) Data/time
(C) Texst
(D) Number

121. (D) 122. (C) 123. (C) 124. (C) 125. (D)
126. (A) 127. (B) 128. (B) 129. (B) 130. (C)
131. (D) 132. (C) 133. (C) 134. (A) 135. (D)
136. (C) 137. (A) 138. (B) 139. (B) 140. (A)