Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics MCQ q&a

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Fundamental of Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics

1. i) Strain is a fundamental behaviour of a material.
ii) Strain does not have a unit.
a) Both i and ii are true and ii is the correct explanation of i
b) Both i and ii ate true but ii is not the correct explanation of i
c) i is true but ii is false
d) ii is true but i is false
Answer: b

2. A tensile test was conducted on a steel bar. The gauge length of the bar was 10cm and
the extension was 2mm. What will be the percentage elongation?
a) 0.002
b) 0.02
c) 0.2
d) 2
Answer: d

3. The lateral strain is ___________
a) The ratio of axial deformation to the original length
b) The ratio of deformation in area to the original area
c) The strain at right angles to the direction of applied load
d) The ratio of length of body to the tensile force applied on it
Answer: c

4. The unit of force in S.I. units is ?
a) Kilogram
b) Newton
c) Watt
d) Dyne
Answer: b

5. Which of the following is not the unit of distance?
a) Angstrom
b) Light year
c) Micron
d) Milestone
Answer: d

6. A solid cube is subjected to equal normal forces on all its faces. The volumetric strain will be x-times the linear strain in any of the three axes when?
a) X=1
b) X=2
c) X=3
d) X=4
Answer: c

7. A rod 200cm long is subjected to an axial pull due to which it elongates about 2mm. Calculate the amount of strain?
a) 0.001
b) 0.01
c) 0.02
d) 0.002
Answer: a

8. Some structural members subjected to a long time sustained loads deform progressively with time especially at elevated temperatures. What is such a phenomenon called?
a) Fatigue
b) Creep
c) Creep relaxation
d) Fracture
Answer: b

9. Find the strain of a brass rod of length 100mm which is subjected to a tensile load of 50kN when the extension of rod is equal to 0.1mm?
a) 0.01
b) 0.001
c) 0.05
d) 0.005
Answer: b