(Physics) General Science Question Part 03

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Q51) From the moon’s surface, Astronauts see a Black Sky. This isbecause of .
Ans -: Absence of Atmosphere on Moon

Q52) The specific resistance of a wire varies with its .
Ans -: Material

Q53) The speed of light will be decreased with the rise in the temperature of the medium. True or False.
Ans -: False. (It remains unchanged)

Q54) Which is the strongest force in the nature?
Ans -: Nuclear Force

Q55) Which device is used to measure the temperature of the sun?
Ans -: Pyrometer

Q56) Which phenomenon occurs when light passes from a denser to rarer medium?
Ans -: Total Internal reflection

Q57) Which substances do not allow flow of charge through them?
Ans -: Insulators

Q58) The value of which quantity remains same in all system of units?
Ans -: Specific Gravity

Q59) What is the speed of sound in air?
Ans -: 332m/sec

Q60) The working of the quartz crystal in the watch is based on which effect?
Ans -: Piezoelectric Effect

Q61) Permanent magnets are made of .
Ans -: Steel

Q62) During a fog, the visibility is reduced. This is because of which phenomenon?
Ans -: Scattering of light

Q63) Weightlessness experienced in a spaceship is due to .
Ans -: Absence of Gravity

Q64) Which device is used to find submerged objects?
Ans -: SONAR

Q65) What converts the alternating current into direct current?
Ans -: Rectifier

Q66) Which element is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors?
Ans -: Graphite

Q67) Which device converts light energy into electric energy?
Ans -: Photoelectric cell

Q68) The unit of power of lens is called .
Ans -: Dioptre

Q69) What is the unit of Radioactivity?
Ans -: Curie

Q70) An object has to attain the velocity of to escape from earth’s atmosphere?
Ans -: 11.2 km/sec

Q71) What is the measuring unit of length of light waves?
Ans -: Angstrom

Q72) A short duration wave is known as –
Ans -: Pulse

Q73) When did Einstein propose that matter can be converted into energy?
Ans -: 1905

Q74) What is the SI unit of luminous intensity?
Ans -: Candela

Q75) What is the unit of magnetic flux?
Ans -: Maxwell