(Physics) General Science Question Part 04

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Q76) What is the unit of specific resistance?
Ans -: Ohm-metre

Q77) The wavelength of visible spectrum ranges from .
Ans -: 390-700 nano-metres

Q78) A Washing machine works on the principle of –
Ans -: Centrifugation

Q79) When a ball is thrown upward, what happens to its Acceleration?
Ans -: It remains Constant

Q80) Magnifying glass is made of which type of lens?
Ans -: Convex lens

Q81) What colour will a red glass appear if it is heated in dark room?
Ans -: Green

Q82) What happens to the surface tension of the water when a detergent is added to it?
Ans -: Decreases

Q83) The value of ‘g’ (acceleration due to gravity) is maximum at ?
Ans -: at poles

Q84) Which instrument is used to measure altitudes in aircrafts?
Ans -: Altimeter

Q85) Which instrument is used to measure change in volume of substances ?
Ans -: Dilatometer

Q86) Which instrument is used to measure depth of ocean ?
Ans -: Fathometer

Q87) The power of electric circuit is measured with a .
Ans -: Wattmeter

Q88) Which instrument is used to measure the scattering of light by particles suspended in a liquid?
Ans -: Nephelometer

Q89) Which is more elastic – Steel or Rubber?
Ans -: Steel

Q90) Which is the only natural magnet?
Ans -: Magnetite

Q91) What Principle is used in the designing of ships and submarines?
Ans -: Archimedes Principle

Q92) Nuclear Fissions are initiated by .
Ans -: Neutrons

Q93) The wire in an electric heater is made up of .
Ans -: Nichrome

Q94) During Sonography which types of Waves are used?
Ans -: Ultrasonic waves

Q95) Diode Bulb was discovered by .
Ans -: Sir J. S. Fleming

Q96) Who gave the first experimental value of G?
Ans -: Cavendish

Q97) Who had showed that the electric and magnetic waves are equal in vacuum?
Ans -: James Clerk Maxwell

Q98) What is the escape velocity of Moon?
Ans -: 2.38 Km/s

Q99) Why does a liquid drop tend to assume a spherical shape?
Ans -: To minimize surface tension

Q100) Resistance of a Conductor is inversely proportional to it’s .
Ans -: Cross Sectional Area