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C Language MCQs (100% free pdf download)

47. When a key is pressed on keyboard, which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the corresponding bits
(a) ANSI
(d) ISO

48. Which one is input device?
A) Monitor
B) Keyboard
D) Printer

49. Which part of CPU perform calculations and make decision
A) Alternate Logic Unit
B) Arithmetic Logic Unit
C) Arithmetic Local Unit
D) Alternate Local Unit

50. The memory capacity of a computer is represented in
A) Kilobits
B) Kilobytes
C) Memory chips
D) None of the above

51. HTML is used to design
A) Webpage
B) Website
C) Multimedia Objects
D) Tables and frames

52. What type of memory is volatile?
A) Cache
D) Hard Drive

53. With regards to Email Addresses:
A) They must always contain an @ symbol
B) They are case insensitive
C) They can never contain space
D) All of above

54. Which of the following will you find on an inkjet printer ?
(A) It has an ink ribbon.
(B) It has an ink cartridge.
(C) It has high voltage power supply.
(D) It uses toner powder

55. Why is it important to keep Windows updated using the Windows update website or automatic updates?
(A) To keep your system secure and to install critical updates.
(B) To keep your system fast.
(C) To keep your system optimized for the new game.
(D) To keep your system from overheating.

56. Which protocol used to display web pages?
(C) Telnet

57. In Microsoft Excel you can use the horizontal and vertical scroll bar to
(A) Split a worksheet to two panes
(B) Edit the contents of a cell
(C) View different rows and columns
(D) View different worksheet

58. The system unit of a personal Computers typically contains all of the following except:
(A) Microprocessors
(B) Disk controller
(C) Serial interface
(D) Modem

59. Which of the following is a read only memory storage device?
(A) Floppy Disc
(C) Hard Disk
(D) None of these

60. BIOS is an abbreviation of
(A) Basic Input Output System
(B) Best Input Output System
(C) Basic Input Output Symbol
(D) Base Input Output System

61. A Pointer is?
(A) A keyword used to create variables.
(B) A variable that stores address of an instruction.
(C) A variable that stores address of other variable.
(D) All of above.

62. What do you call the translator which takes assembly language program as inputand produce machine language code as output?
(A) Compiler
(B) Interpreter
(C) Debugger
(D) Assembler

63. Which header file is essential for using scanf() function?
(a) ctype.h
(b) string.h
(c) conio.h
(d) stdio.h

64. Which of the following is known as the ‘language of the computer’?
(a) Programming language
(b) High level Language
(c) Machine language
(d) Assembly language

65. In flow char for what purpose <> symbol is used?
a) Processing
b) Condition
c) Data flow
d) Input/output

66. Which one is an input device?
(a) Monitor
(b) Printer
(c) Mouse
(d) Plotter

67. Which the following is an application software?
(a) Compiler
(b) MS Word
(c) Assembler
(d) Interpreter

68. ______ is generally used to increase the apparent size of physical memory.
(a) Secondary memory
(b) Virtual memory
(c) Hard-disk
(d) Disks

69. printf() belongs to which library of c
a) stdlib.h
b) stdio.h
c) stdout.h
d) stdoutput.h

70. What will be printed if we type the statement printf(“%d\n”,’d’);
a) 0
b) 100
c) error
d) d

71. C is a __________ language.
a) High level
b) Middle level
c) Machine level
d) Low level

72. Which header file is essential for using printf() function ?
a) text.h
b) strings.h
c) stdio.h
d) strcmp.h

73. A declaration float a,b; occupies ______of memory ?
(a) 1 bytes
(b) 4 bytes
(c) 8 byte
(d) 16 bytes

74. What are the different types of real data types in C?
(A) float, double.
(B) short int, double, long int.
(C) double, long int, float
(D) float, double, long double

75. Which of the following is a symbol for Logical AND operator?
(A) ||
(B) &&
(C) $$
(D) &

76. Which of the following is a correct statement?
(A) Variable name must start with underscore
(B) Variable name must have digit
(C) Variable name must have white space character
(D) Keyword cannot be a variable name

77. A declaration float sum, value; occupies of memory?
(a) 2 byte
(b) 4 byte
(c) 6 byte
(d) 8 byte

78. Any C program
a) Must contain at least one function
b) Need not contain any function.
c) Needs input data
d) None of the above

79. What should be written in the program to get newline on the screen?
(a) printf(“\n”);
(b) echo\\n;
(c) printf(‘\n’);
(d) printf(\\n);

80. Which is a correct C expression?
(a) Z = (x+y);
(b) Z = [x+y];
(c) Z = {x+y};
(d) Z = {(x+y)};

81. If we want to increment the value of sum by 1. Which of following should be used?
(a) sum++;
(b) sum = sum+1;
(c) sum+=1;
(d) all of above

82. A float requires ______bytes in memory
(a) 2 bytes
(b) 1 byte
(c) 8 bytes
(d) 4 bytes

83. What is the value of expression 4/9 in C?
(a) 1
(b) 0
(c) 0.444
(d) Error

84. A declaration float a,b; occupies how much memory?
(a) 2 bytes
(b) 4 bytes
(c) 8 bytes
(d) 16 bytes

85. To round off x, which is a float, to an int value, which one is correct?
(a) y = (int)(x+0.5)
(b) y = int(x+0.5)
(c) y = (int)x+0.5
(d) y = (int) ((int)x+0.5)

86. Which data type allows storage of same data type?
(a) Array
(b) Union
(c) Void
(d) both a and b

87. What is the output of 16>>2?
(a) 4
(b) 32
(c) 8
(d) 64

88. Which of this have highest Precedence?
(a) ()
(b) ++
(c) *
(d) >>

89. Storage of Character Variable is:
(a) 2 byte
(b) 1 byte
(c) 8 byte
(d) 0 byte

90. The format string to accept a string is
(a) %c
(b) %d
(c) %f
(d) %s

91. File manipulation functions in C are available in which header file?
(a) streams.h
(b) stdio.h
(c) stdlib.h
(d) files.h

92. All macro substitutions in a program are done?
a) Before compilation of the program
b) During execution
c) After compilation
d) None of the above

93. Macros with arguments are not allowed.
b) May Be
d) Can’t Say

94. A macro must always be written in capital letters.
b) May Be
d) Can’t Say