Shear Force and Bending Moment diagram MCQ question and answers

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Shear Force and Bending Moment diagram MCQ question and answers

1. What is the bending moment at end supports of a simply supported beam?
a) Maximum
b) Minimum
c) Zero
d) Uniform
Answer: c

2. What is the maximum shear force, when a cantilever beam is loaded with udl throughout?
a) w×l
b) w
c) w/l
d) w+l
Answer: a

3. Sagging, the bending moment occurs at the _____ of the beam.
a) At supports
b) Mid span
c) Point of contraflexure
d) Point of emergence
Answer: b

4. What will be the variation in BMD for the diagram? [Assume l = 2m].
a) Rectangular
b) Trapezoidal
c) Triangular
d) Square
Answer: c

5. What is the maximum bending moment for simply supported beam carrying a point load “W” kN at its centre?
a) W kNm
b) W/m kNm
c) W×l kNm
d) W×l/4 kNm
Answer: d

6. How do point loads and udl be represented in SFD?
a) Simple lines and curved lines
b) Curved lines and inclined lines
c) Simple lines and inclined lines
d) Cant represent any more
Answer: c

7. ________ curve is formed due to bending of over hanging beams.
a) Elastic
b) Plastic
c) Flexural
d) Axial
Answer: a

8. The relation between slope and maximum bending moment is _________
a) Directly proportion
b) Inversely proportion
c) Relative proportion
d) Mutual incidence
Answer: b

9. What is the SF at support B?
a) 5 kN
b) 3 kN
c) 2 kN
d) 0 kN
Answer: d

10. Where do the maximum BM occurs for the below diagram.
a) -54 kNm
b) -92 kNm
c) -105 kNm
d) – 65 kNm
Answer: c