Shear Force and Bending Moment MCQ question and answers

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Shear Force and Bending Moment MCQ question and answers

1. Shear force is unbalanced _____ to the left or right of the section.
a) Horizontal force
b) Vertical force
c) Inclined force
d) Conditional force
Answer: b

2. SI units of shear force is _______________
a) kN/m
b) kN-m
c) kN
d) m/N
Answer: c.

3. Determine the moment at fixed end.
a) 40 kNm
b) 50 kNm
c) 60 kNm
d) 80 kNm
Answer: d

4. Shear force is diagram is _______ representation of shear force plotted as ordinate.
a) Scalar
b) Aerial
c) Graphical
d) Statically
Answer: c

5. Hogging is________
a) Negative bending moment
b) Positive shear force
c) Positive bending moment
d) Negative shear force
Answer: a

6. At the point of contraflexure, the value of bending moment is ____________
a) Zero
b) Maximum
c) Can’t be determined
d) Minimum
Answer: a

7. _________ positive/negative bending moments occur where shear force changes its sign.
a) Minimum
b) Zero
c) Maximum
d) Remains same
Answer: c

8. Shear force of following diagram
a) Rectangle
b) Square
c) Circle
d) Trapezoidal
Answer: a

9. SI units of Bending moment is ___________
a) kN
b) kN2
c) kNm
d) km
Answer: c.

10. What is the other name for a positive bending moment?
a) Hogging
b) Sagging
c) Inflation
d) Contraflexure
Answer: b