Test Cases For Checkbox-Website Testing

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Test Scenarios For Website Testing:

Test Cases For Checkbox:

  1. Verify that the checkbox present on the webpage is in the correct position.
  2. Verify the width and height of the checkbox.
  3. Verify the border-radius for the checkbox rounded or corner edge.
  4. Verify the color for the tick by clicking the checkbox.
  5. Verify the checkbox is selectable by clicking on the checkbox with the mouse.
  6. Verify the checkbox is selectable by the keyboard.
  7. Verify the user can uncheck the checkbox by clicking on it.
  8. Verify if the user can select multiple checkboxes or not.
  9. Verify the label text present with the checkbox.
  10. Verify if the label text aligned with the checkbox or not.
  11. Verify on page load the very first checkbox selected by default and showing tick sign.
  12. Verify whether on click on the label text checkbox value checked or not.
  13. Verify the spelling for the label text aligned with the check box.
  14. Verify same label text is not repeated with the checkboxes.
  15. Verify the order for the values or label text with the checkboxes.
  16. Verify whether user-selected check box values should save in the database by clicking on the Submit button or not.
  17. Verify check box can be uncheckable or not by clicking on the check box after selecting.
  18. Verify validation is added if no checkbox is checked and click on the Submit button and an alert or error message must appear.