Test Cases For Header Section

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Test Scenarios For Website Testing:

Test Cases For Header Section:–

  1. Verify the header section added on the website.
  2. Verify header section is aligned.
  3. Verify icons aligned with the text if added to the header.
  4. Verify icons added should be related to the link text.
  5. Verify whether link text should be readable or not.
  6. Verify the logo of the website added on the header is aligned or not.
  7. Verify the same header used on whole website pages.
  8. Verify header is sticky on the whole page or fixed as per requirements and design.
  9. Verify whether all links should be opening on the header or not.
  10. Verify on click on the link on the header the correct page should be open.
  11. Verify the home page should be open on clicking on the logo on all pages.
  12. Verify on the mouse hover color change or not for the link added on the header menu.
  13. Verify that selected header links should remain ACTIVE to inform the user about the clicked screen/page.
  14. Verify search bar is added to the header menu or not.
  15. Verify header and body section should not look the same. The header and body section must distinguish.
  16. Verify icon color should also change on mouse hover on the header if icons are added.
  17. Verify dropdown options added on header shown on mouse hover or click.