Test Cases For Search Functionality-Web Testing

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Test Scenarios For Website Testing:

Test Cases For Search Functionality:–

  1. Verify the search field is present and aligned.
  2. Verify whether placeholder text is added on search or not.
  3. Verify spelling and grammar should be correct for placeholder text.
  4. Verify search icon is present on the field.
  5. Verify cursor should be present on click on the search icon.
  6. Verify search is functional and generating the correct result for correct keywords or not by adding a valid search.
  7. Verify the search is working by adding keywords and pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.
  8. Verify the search is working by adding keywords and on click on the search button.
  9. Verify if the user can paste the keyword with the mouse.
  10. Verify an error message displayed by entering invalid keywords in the search field and clicking the search button.
  11. Verify an error message should display for blank input.
  12. Verify and observe how much time is required for getting the search result.
  13. Verify a loader added if takes time to get the result.
  14. Verify the search result generated by the search in the correct order as per requirement.
  15. Verify pagination added in case the search result goes on the number of pages.
  16. Verify whether pagination is accessible or not by clicking on the Next, Previous, and number.
  17. Verify whether suggestions are shown or not on adding a keyword to the search.
  18. Verify the max and min range for the search keyword.
  19. Verify whether auto-suggestion is shown on adding a keyword or not.
  20. Verify if new items/tools are added to the website, a keyword should also be for the website search. So, the user can access them.
  21. Verify whether related keywords are added to the search result or not. It should be added.