Test Cases For Tooltip -Web Testing

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Test Scenarios For Website Testing:

Test Cases For Tooltip:–

  1. Verify tooltip width and height should be aligned or not.
  2. Make sure that the text shown on the tooltip is aligned or not.
  3. Verify whether the accurate text shown on the mouse hovers on the tooltip or not.
  4. Verify as the user move pointer from the icon or link tooltip text should be hidden or not.
  5. Verify on the mouse hover color on the icon changed or not.
  6. Verify on the mouse hover, that the mouse pointer changes or not.
  7. Verify icon is aligned with the label text on which the tooltip is implemented.
  8. Verify text for the maximum length on the tooltip should not be trim.
  9. Verify that the tooltip text should be relevant and well explained to the user.
  10. Verify there should not be any spelling mistakes for the content added on the tooltip.