5 Hidden Truth of Baby Doge coin...>>

More then 300K people added BabyDoge coin to their watchlists. That's a huge number. Tha's gives us a idea that too much people following and invested on that.

1. 300K+ Watchlists

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2. Who Are the Founders of BabyDoge?

it is unclear who the creators and main team behind BabyDoge are. These developers built BabyDoge using the Binance Smart Chain to create an ecosystem that is still Ethereum-compatible.

3. E-commerce Integration

Baby Doge has partnered with CoinPayments.net to allow merchants across the globe to accept baby doge as a payment if they choose.

4. Baby Doge Crypto Card

1. Ability to Buy Cryptocurrencies 2. Ability to send Crypto 3. Ability to exchange crypto currencies for fiat 4. Will have new TextBit technology meaning the users can text BabyDoge to anyone anywhere in the world using a telephone number

5. What are the fees?

Every transaction has a 10% fee with 5% going to the holders and 5% going to pancakeswap liquidity pool. The generated LP tokens are used for burns & powering the project.

Price: $0.00000000275

Price: $0.00000000275