What is a self join? Explain it with an example

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Self join is just like any other join, except that two instances of the same table will be joined
in the query. Here is an example: Employees table which contains rows for normal
employees as well as managers. So, to find out the managers of all the employees, you need
a self join.

empid int,
mgrid int,
empname char(10)
INSERT emp SELECT 1,2,’Vyas’
INSERT emp SELECT 2,3,’Mohan’
INSERT emp SELECT 4,2,’Shridhar’
INSERT emp SELECT 5,2,’Sourabh’
SELECT t1.empname [Employee], t2.empname [Manager]
FROM emp t1, emp t2
WHERE t1.mgrid = t2.empid

Here’s an advanced query using a LEFT OUTER JOIN that even returns the employees
without managers (super bosses)

SELECT t1.empname [Employee], COALESCE(t2.empname, ‘No manager’) [Manager]
FROM emp t1 LEFT OUTER JOIN emp t2 ON t1.mgrid = t2.empid