Which are new data types introduced in SQL SERVER 2008?

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1. The GEOMETRY Type: The GEOMETRY data type is a system .NET common
language runtime (CLR) data type in SQL Server. This type represents data in a twodimensional Euclidean coordinate system.

2. The GEOGRAPHY Type: The GEOGRAPHY datatype’s functions are the same as with
GEOMETRY. The difference between the two is that when you specify GEOGRAPHY,
you are usually specifying points in terms of latitude and longitude.

3. New Date and Time Datatypes: SQL Server 2008 introduces four new datatypes
related to date and time: DATE, TIME, DATETIMEOFFSET, and DATETIME2.

1. DATE: The new DATE type just stores the date itself. It is based on the
Gregorian calendar and handles years from 1 to 9999.

2. TIME: The new TIME (n) type stores time with a range of 00:00:00.0000000
through 23:59:59.9999999. The precision is allowed with this type. TIME
supports seconds down to 100 nanoseconds. The n in TIME (n) defines thislevel of fractional second precision, from 0 to 7 digits of precision.

3. The DATETIMEOFFSET Type: DATETIMEOFFSET (n) is the time-zoneaware version of a datetime datatype. The name will appear less odd when
you consider what it really is: a date + a time + a time-zone offset. The offset
is based on how far behind or ahead you are from Coordinated Universal
Time (UTC) time.

4. The DATETIME2 Type: It is an extension of the datetime type in earlier
versions of SQL Server. This new datatype has a date range covering dates
from January 1 of year 1 through December 31 of year 9999. This is a definite
improvement over the 1753 lower boundary of the datetime datatype.
DATETIME2 not only includes the larger date range, but also has a timestamp
and the same fractional precision that TIME type provides